The Path To Propriety

We are all the same in front of the One, there is no all powerful God-man; but you may live on endlessly, even forevermore! It is only by the promised Word Of Iouel to all creatures, since those eras immemorial to time as we measure it; there in the transcendant heaven, eternal and self resplendent. Earth is at the mercy of Humanity, one with them, correcting and rewarding them good or bad. Whoso abandons the walk with reason cannot receive truth or the Law. We have been taught what is not; regardless of what the truth is. One who loves truth first, has a joyous life. He doesn't care what others think, only where life leads him. He alone is a believer; for the common good typifies good will toward all.

The Master is merely a man finding favor with the Spirit Of Life. It is Uprightness to find the One In All; ever seeing the Good, even in people who seem evil to the eyes of our peers. Life has a way of working out for those who will love their neigbors. It is our differences which will define us in the end of this. Were we accepting of others? Did we resist the impulse to force our own views? Are we not then suited to receive of the very Highest Wisdom, the Key Of Life? Instead of giving our hearts to some unknown god, let us give our hearts to the One In All. Humans who can't accept the truth, fare unwell in the Age Of Reason; only to be reborn and made whole, in the latter time of the Chosen One!