Our Mission is to see people of Earth receive the Key Of Life; they will live on endessly! We care not what religions they are, we require only that respect for Truth be paramount to Fellowship; that equality be established in Earth, through the virtuous causes of Humanity. Neither church, nor religion are we, but the Garden Of Life; all as ever was! We know white supremacists think themselves Creators Of Man, but THEY are the Vanquished; seeking to glorify not the truth! All people see the Eye Of Horus on the west coast of Africa! Atlantis was ruled with the beautiful races of Ancient Mauritania. We know the Children Of Light mingled with the Children Of Men, teaching agriculture first.

We must return to this; why feed animals OUR grains, to be reared in optimum health, that our health be more, vigorous? It's slavery to these lavish sinners, making their way through secret societies around the world, to spread sinful carnality. No more! Iouo Almighty has said, he will remove the Wicked from Earth. Their choice of action, to satisfy their own egoes will not pay. It will NOT make the nation great; and it won't save the souls of the innocent. Only when pastors see that they must repent before God, or endure not the end! This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where the falling away meets it's solution; the Wisdom Of God Almighty!